Team 6059 in need of Mentors! [Livermore, CA USA]

Hello! We are team 6059 System Overload Robotics and are looking for mentors for this coming season. Next year will be our 9th year in FRC and with a lot of our mentors leaving at the end of this year we need more technical mentors. We mainly need mentors that can provide help with design, manufacturing, software, electricals, and strategy but would love any other support. We are super riled up for the next season and would love any help you can provide. We are based in Livermore but are a community based team for all students in the bay area.

If you are interested, please fill out this form: SOR Mentor Flyer Form or email us at

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Have you reached out to your national lab yet? I met someone just a few weeks ago at champs that’s an alumni of 2468? I believe that works there and isn’t mentoring a team at the moment.

We get a lot of great mentors from our renewed partnership with our national lab (SRNL) here in Aiken and 3-4 of them are FRC alumni from different places around the country.

How did you go about reaching out to them and by any chance do you have the contact information of the alumni of 2468?

Start by reaching out to someone in the public communications office, that was our primary contact with the lab here for a long time. We then managed to network with some of the engineers that were at outreach events that the lab did in the community at local stem fairs etc.

I don’t have the contact of the alumni I met.

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