Team 61 - BAE Pics

Pictures from BAE can be found at more pics are available on request


This one is my favorite courtesy of team 1519 Mechanical MAYHEM!


Thanks for sharing the photos! I’d really appreciate it if you can send me a full-quality image of our “smokin’-fast minibot” at the top of the tower. It sure did make for an exciting way to end Friday, with the replay of Match 11! (3566,1519,78 vs. 69,166,126)

I wonder if any other minibot races ended with a smokescreen at the top of the tower?

Ken Streeter

That “smokin-fast Minibot” let out enough magic blue smoke that everyone in the arena smelled it!!! I didn’t know a minibot had that much smoke in it!!!

That match was very exiting to watch! And it smelled like 1519 in the pits!

PS 1519s minibot smoked

The smell of 1519 = The smell of victory :wink:

All photos are available by downloading a .zip from