Team 61 Has a Kicker

(turn up your speakers!)

Awesome job guys! :smiley:

I looks like you got the kicker to stop 2 in. outside of the frame…and get that much power. Thats pretty impressive :slight_smile:

if you look at our prototype it wasnt always like that

::safety:: ::safety:: ::safety::
::ouch:: ::ouch::

Nice kicker :cool:

I couldn’t help but notice how long it took between kicks. Is that using the measly 60 psi we’re limited to? If so, HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU GETTING THAT DISTANCE?:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :confused: :confused:

i believe they were kicking at 100 psi

Rule <R-76> states:

“Working” air pressure on the ROBOT must be no greater than 60psi. All working air must be provided through one primary Norgen adjustable pressure regulator.

Ditto that. Safety glasses, people… please!

Let me clarify, we’re not using air pressure to kick! Depending on the distance, we may use air as a “brake” to change our distance, but our main power is elastic.

We’re using elastic surgical tubing on a lever to kick, with about 100 pounds of tension on the bands. We’re using pneumatics to recoil the leg, and it’s attached to the far bottom where only about 30-40 pounds of pressure are needed to pull it back. It only takes about 3 seconds to pull the foot back in, it’s just that it’s running on 3 solenoids and we have to be manually flipping those switches till the robot is programmed.

That being said, we can only get 2 kicks off with one charge of the cylinder. We’re going to have an on board compressor.

I apologise about the misunderstanding as i am not directly connected with the engineering of the robot and am just told to film

just a note to all: a new video has been posted, the functionality and construction is very much easier to see in this one!

a note to all a new video has been made so that you can better see the inner workings of the kicker! :smiley:

(we have removed the previous videos :wink: )