Team 610 3D Animation Video Posted

Hey, just want to let you know that our 3D Animation Video is posted on our website. There are two versions. One is the big mother 54.1mb and the other is 5 mb only.

Comments are welcome. Hope everyone else’s animation videos are going well :slight_smile:

That was cool… I liked the scene with your robot skiing.
May I ask who did that song? Even though I’m from Florida, I still like it.

The video team did it. It consists of
Norris, Andrew - Leader

Bolton, John

Grundy, Robert

Pierce, David

O’Connell, Rory

Nice job on your video. I really like your website too, it looks better than most of the robotics websites. Good luck at competition.

I’m just giving this post a bump up so that people will more easily notice it along with all the other submissions.


What can i say? That was pretty cool , i love that song considering i’m half canadian, just great alround, good job, and good luck…

A really good animation, I LOVED the song, can you send it to me?