Team 610 Coyobot XI

After six weeks of hard work we are finally ready for competition. This is the unveiling of the 2010 Coyobot XI. The links below will take you to our website and Youtube page where you can check out our robot.

Good luck teams and we’ll see you at Waterloo and Finger Lakes.

Wow! That’s one awesome looking machine, one of the best I’ve seen so far. I’m loving the drivetrain. This robot will definitely be in contention for regional wins in Rochester and Waterloo.

That does look like a very solid robot. Can you guys drive onto the platform for the 2 points?

See you in a couple days.

Great robot. Wheelies are always cool. Most effective single roller I have seen yet. Good luck.

Great job guys! You really put together another great robot this year. I wasn’t sure how you were going to do the whole getting on the platform strategy, but now that I’ve seen it probably the simplest way to score those 2 points. Too bad we wont be able to see you at GTR, I may just need to make the trek to Waterloo to see this years Coyobot!

WOW! What an amazing robot. Really unique. Where did you guys get your wheels?

610 has got to stop making amazing robots and then missing qualifying for the Championship by inches. 2006, 2009… After seeing this, I bet they’ll break that curse. :slight_smile:

Another great robot from the guys at 610. Can’t wait to see this one in action at both FLR and Waterloo. Lady Luck was the only thing that stood in 610’s way last year. This year, I get the feeling that this robot will be making its way down to Atlanta…

We made it in 2006, and had our best showing at the championships. If my memory serves me correct (I really should remember this…) we got picked in the later half of the first round, and lost in the quarters due to our teammates shooter breaking catastrophically in the first match. In 2007 by the end of GTR we had a competitive robot that would have done well in Atlanta, but we had already been to 3 competitions and turned down our invitation to the Championship (from our EI award in New Hampshire).

I must say last years robot was probably their best built robot yet, and had their best drive team in years. Josh was a dominating driver and could have done really well in Atlanta. If this year’s drive team is nearly as good, watch out Rochester and Waterloo!

The Coyobots always have such effective robots. I remember I LOVED your 08 shooter, the 07 arm, and your 09 dumper. You guys always manage to pick the most efficient and effective designs so I am sure this will do just as well, if not better. Best of luck.

Coyobots also always look really wicked, this bot doesn’t fall short of expectations.

Yup, you were picked 6th overall by 395. Got knocked out by the eventual division champs of 503, 451 and 1139.

Waterloo is going to be epic this year. I can’t wait to see you guys in action, thanks for building another masterpiece.

Does it rear up like that to climb on the platform?

Looks like it didn’t quite make it in the video. Looks like it would be hard to get positioned sideways on the bump like that.

06 and 09 you say that sounds i like a team i know…:rolleyes:

Wow! You guys do not cease to impress. Good luck at FLR and Waterloo!

You hit the nail on the head. The whole point of lifting the front wheels was to climb onto the platform from the bump. But turning on the bump has proven to be very difficult. An oversight on our part when attempting this strategy. We have an idea to help with this maneuver that is still in the works.