Team 610 Store - Updated

Team 610 has recently made some positive changes to our online store. We have cleaned up our inventory to better serve the community, as well as added a brand new t-shirt design, available in both Green and in White (see below). For more information, please visit the store.,width=500,height=500,appearanceId=66,version=1456177799.webp,width=500,height=500,appearanceId=1,version=1456178141.webp

Teams having online stores is information that I shouldn’t be trusted with.

I love you guys but I’m too cheap to spend $20 on a tee lol.

I now need a thread full of team store pages…
not that i can afford it

I could not control myself…

looks like I now have a 610 t-shirt.

Same here.

Funny how these things happen…

Wasn’t it your team that used to sell flat-bill hats?

We sold them for a bit, but I believe those were member-only sales items and I don’t think that theres a plan to bring them back, just like our 610-brand frisbees.

RIP the dream.

Are the green hoodies also a members-only item?

Yes, the green hoodies are only given to our team members, however they can be traded for at events.

Why aren’t there any green t-shirts for women?

The specific colour that we use for the green male t-shirt is unavailable for the female t-shirt template that we use (provided by Spreadshirt). We would love to offer female green t-shirts, but this restriction prevents us from doing so at the moment.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Oh. That makes sense. Thank you.

So at the risk of sounding really, really dumb, can somebody explain this shirt to me? Is “the 610” referred to here a Canadian thing, or is it referring to Philadelphia? And what building is that?

It’s the CN tower in Toronto

610 is the team number, and the tower is likely the CN tower.

Drake calls Toronto “The Six.” And the city really, really likes the name.

Well obviously I get that 610 is the team number, but around here the phrase “THE 610” is used to refer to Philadelphia and/or Southeastern Pennsylvania because that is the area code for the area, so that threw me off because I thought they were trying to do a play on something like that. Also, I’ve never heard of the CN tower, what with not being Canadian.

One bit of context that’s missing - “The Six” or “The 6ix” (or whatever) to refer to Toronto actually IS based on an area code as well - 416, Toronto’s oldest and biggest one (since there are several now). As was already mentioned, Drake kind of took it and ran with it.

And yup, that’s the CN Tower. It was the world’s tallest freestanding structure for about 30 years, only beaten in the last 10 years or so. It’s basically a symbol for Toronto like how any showpiece/record-breaking building would be in another city.