Team 610 unveils new website

Team 610 has a newly designed website. The students have done a great job and we invite you to visit and comment.

Looks really nice on the iPhone. When you scroll, the background doesn’t move until after it’s done scrolling to line up with your screen so you do seen some white space. But it still looks very nice, fantastic job.

That looks awesome guys, keep up the good work.

Very nice guys!
I would like to see more pictures of your team and robot while you were at your events.
Unless I missed them(?)

didn’t see any when I browsed to “Regonals”

Good job though!

I made the same observation as discobrisco on Chrome for Android. It also did take a bit longer than I would have liked to load.

This is absolutely gorgeous. I can see the hours and effort that has been put into this, and it shows. Aesthetically, this is the best FRC team website I’ve ever seen. And as someone who’s benefited from your content, it’s not just good on the cover, or simply skin deep. I cannot overstate how professional, yet enjoyable an experience it is to view.

Keep up the inspiring work!