Team 610 - Workshop

While on the 12-hour bus ride to BAE last weekend, I made a 610-themed version of the ever-popular song, Thrift Shop. Link is below. Enjoy!

This is brilliant. +1

This better be preformed at the talent show at Champs. Joseph Cupchack and I will be doing Can’t Hold Us (maybe a robot version, not sure).

This is fantastic.

I can’t believe you guys beat us to this. We were going to do a parody of this but this one is great. The only lines we had thought of were:

“I’m gonna smoke some BAGs, only got banebots in my pocket” (and yes we have managed to smoke a BAG)
“I’m gonna smoke some Jags, only got 50 dollars in my pocket”
“Walk into the pits like yo, I got a big bot”

After there we’re lost, good show 610!

Disclaimer: Opinions on mecanum wheels expressed in this song do not necessarily reflect the views held by Team 610 members.

So good!

Awesome job. Love how well this keeps to the original rhythm and meter. Can we get to do this?