Team 612 runs an organization called FIRST STEP (Student in Technology Expanding Possibilities) to build wheel chairs for the disables. This year, we worked on a wheel chair for a paraplegic named Tyler. Due to his ability to use only one of his arms, a traditional wheelchair does not work well for him. We motorized a provided wheelchair to be joystick operated. We used 2 CIMS, 2 Black Jaguars, and an Arduino as the essential hardware as well as a competition 12v battery. Here are some pictures from v.1 which will improved upon by the coming fall for Tyler in the new school year. Tell me what you think.

Very cool indeed. How does the cost of this compare to an off the shelf unit ?

Do you use the regular robot batteries or something else ?


Now we have FIRST STEP and FIRSTsteps here in case anyone gets confused.

But it’s all good.

It is most definitely an admirable cause. Beware of the 21st century’s worst word ever: liability. Best of luck to you!