Team 612 Inventor Submission

This is team 612 official Inventor Submission. Any comments?

Not bad. Not bad at all. Could we get some close up renders of some specific components like the drive base or the control board?

One question. Are you the only one on your team doing it?

Yes. And I can get some more close ups up soon of different parts.

Ok, so more rendered pictures and real pictures can be found at this site

the man could use some help

i think it’s beautiful

Good job.

Is this your first year?

yup, first year

Even more impressive. Better than our first submission, that’s for sure.

By the way, how do you pronounce your name? We have a member of our team who’s name seems a lot like yours, but if the “p” is silent, then it’s not :stuck_out_tongue:

the P isn’t silent, and thanks for compliments