Team 612 on CBS

new follow up segment is soon to come

Way to go Team 612. Great job. Look forward to any follow ups.
You guys show what FIRST is all about.

612 has set in motion two more projects like the one in the above video. One is a restraint system (kind of like a seat belt) for a 8 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy.

The second project, for a 10 year old boy also with CP, is a voice-activated wheelchair. We will recieve an electric wheelchair in the coming week to re-equip with a voice-recognition processor and software. We are hoping that we can finish this project before the end of this school year.

We will update you on any progress on these projects.

i think it is very encouraging to see so much good coming out of robotics. people helping people is what it is truely about. I love that you are helping these people with real life issues. Great Job and your taking the steps you need to take to make changes in the world you live it :smiley:

This is the most impressive outreach effort that I have ever seen a team undertake. Very inspirational and nothing short of amazing. :slight_smile:

Wow!!! Impressive, brought tears too my eyes.

I see a chairmans for 612 in the future.

That is really amazing guys…

edit: I just thought…if you used a VEX controller, you could give mom and dad the remote controller, and they could drive there kids around too…

Team 612 was awarded a well-deserved Regional Chairman’s Award at the Chesapeake this year.

Well as of now we are using IFI controller on it, and Parents have a joystick which they can use to override the commands on the baby walker and drive it around, instead of the kid.

That is really exciting
Truly this is the embodiment and application of FIRST in high schools and communities