Team 612 (youtube)

Team 612 shooting a free throw.

Nice shot and pickup, I’m wondering how consistent you are.

Also, nice team number.

A more detailed picture will be coming soon. One of our first worries this year was the wheel speed after a ball was shot, for this reason we allocated two fisher price motors to the shooter wheel. This should greatly improve consistency.

With the same ball, we are very consistent. We are able to get the frequency of the shooter wheels to stay +/- .25 hz, and the angle can reliable get to within a few degrees on the potentiometer. The biggest issue is if the ball is significantly lighter/heavier, but such variations should affect (almost) everyone. Spinup to layup speed takes about 2 sec, and to full launch speed takes a little longer (still working on our algorithm - a combination of open loop control to get us in the ballpark fast and PID to narrow it down).

@Raptor: Thanks on both counts.