Team 617's Suggestions For Things To Do In Between "Fix-It" Window & Your Regional

Note: If you are allergic to anything funny, humorous, or off the wall, please leave this thread immediately. Team 617 does not wish to endanger your safety.

Team 617 will continously post links to pics of suggestions for activities/ideas to entertain your team in between the fix-it window and the competition itself. These pics are currently set to a good viewable size. However if you wish to see them in their origional resolution (which is mondo huge) just click on the image. We will add somewhere between 1 and 3 pictures a day. Here are the first two; enjoy. :smiley:

Test strength of helmet.

Build the worlds biggest, ugliest CO2 car.

Keep it real.

I saw these pix being taken, and I can’t believe that they got posted. The ones to come are much better (worse, depending on your point of view humor-wise).

I (wish i) D(ON’T/idn’t) KNOW THESE GUYS!! :smiley:

I hope the kid in the helmet is wearing his safety glasses.
I like them, keep them coming.


what did you paint the car with?

a hodge-podge from a couple half-empty cans of spray paint we had lying around the lab.

various paints that were layin around the lab that created that wonderful color combination

jynx… or jinx… couldn’t decide how it was spelled

neither one say the other coming. ^^ And now Jrocket’s jinxed. :smiley:

Doesn’t that helmet protect better tan saftey glasses? :smiley:
Oh… and the hit was very sloooooow moooooo.

ding ding

Round two:

Ride the worlds biggest, ugliest CO2 car.

(only one pic now, 3 more tomorrow)

Here are the ones for today:

Shop for new materials.

Aid local county highway patrol.

Lay Seige!

Ha, Good times

Hey! Don’t go knocking on the dumpster! That’s where we found all of those street signs… err… I mean… scrap metal.

Also, I helped make that CO2 car! And it looks sweet when the room’s only half lit… and you have a smoke machine… and it’s properly “pimped out”.

But seriously… all you spectators need to wait to see what the atomic chair’s good for.

Ok here are the last of the pictures, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Waste camera memory

Stalk… Err… Date girls.

Reminisce on original robot design.

Grow facial hair.

Pimp out someones ride. #1
Pimp out someones ride. #2
Pimp out someones ride. #3

Revive the sport of jousting.

Build first atomic powered chair.

Kick back & relax…

Screw with freshmen.

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