Team 624 2015: Gravity

Team 624 CRyptonite is proud to present our 2015 robot, Gravity.

We will be competing at Dallas, Utah, and Lone Star. Good luck to all teams!

I like the way you guys don’t care about how you pick up totes…
It just goes in!

Super simple way to right toppled cans. I love it.

Also like how you are moving the cans out of the way in auto without tipping them over.

Can we just talk about Texas this year. Wow.

Love the intake rollers. They seem to handle just about any angle of the totes. Are you controlling the direction of the rollers to straighten the tote automatically? Are there sensors to help with this?

Awesome robot! Great solution for stacking internally but still being able to output onto the step. I also love how your auto moves the cans without knocking them over. So cool!

Yes, there are ultrasonic sensors embedded in the arms as well as potentiometers on the shafts to determine the position of the arms and orientation of the totes to automatically take in the tote.

Awesome work guys :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to play against you in the semis :eyeroll: :wink:

What material is the tread?

The intake wheels are Colson Performa 4" x 0.875" wheels from VEXpro driven by two Banebot 550s through 64:1 gearboxes


Nice robot design, being able to reorient the cans like that in autonomous will make your alliance partners love you. Good job.

Everyone knows typing binary into MS Paint is the superior way to program :stuck_out_tongue:

Another incredible bot from my favorite Texas team! Best of luck this year.

Best Tote Acquisition mechanism so far.

It’s gonna be fun to play with you guys in Utah. Here’s hoping we can keep pace!

Awesome job! Gives me lots of ideas on how we can improve on our own design. Texas will be a ton of fun to watch this year.

Another GREAT robot from the most under-rated Texas powerhouse!

I’m looking forward to seeing it up close. Getting to spend some serious “under the hood” time with last year’s robot is one of the highlights of my season.

I hope we get some time on the same side of the field next week. We’ll try to stay out of your way.


Very impressive! Looking forward to seeing it up close and playing with you folks in Utah…

The ability of the intake to reorient objects and slide RCs in auto is amazing. Great job, guys!

Looks great guys! Looking forward to playing with you next week.