Team 624 2016: Brimstone

CRyptonite is proud to present our 2016 robot: Brimstone.

Brimstone will be competing at Alamo, Rocket City, and Lone Star.

Good luck to all the teams in this year’s challenge!

Guess which scenes were fully autonomous :wink:

Good looking bot! See you guys at Alamo!


That’s a very well thought out and elegant design. What did you cut the sheet metal with?

We look forward to playing with you at Lone Star.

looking good, guys! impressive machine, as always. hope to see you again at champs. best of luck!

Good stuff as always.

Cant wait to play you in offseason semis/finals again :ahh:

I think they used a plasma cutter this year.

The robot looks great but…isn’t every clip in that video autonomous?