Team 624 20th Season Documentary: “Success is no accident.”

In 2019 a former member and I created a mini documentary about our teams run in the 2019 FRC World Championship. That project was, in a sense, a test run for our 20th season documentary. This time I set out to document the process from start to finish and release this video as a “Grand Finale” to our 20th year as an FRC team.

Obviously, since our season was cut short, we weren’t able to document all of our competitions this year. However, I still wanted this video out to commemorate, what could’ve been, one of our strongest seasons.

So now that the new year has rolled around, here is our 20th season documentary: “Success is no accident.”



Very sweet, I love the style of the editing - feels very modern and professional. Great to keep this stuff documented!

As a side note - have you ever considered a safety PSA video titled “Accident is No Success”?


Thanks for posting such a well thought out and well produced video.

It was great to see so many familiar faces, students and mentors since I was not at the one event you were able to compete at last year. It is really great to see how your team has grown year after year. What was most gratifying was to see the personal growth in some team members I have known from two of the perennial Houston powerhouse FLL teams in the region as they become leaders on one of the Texas powerhouse FRC teams. Seeing this growth makes the time I put in as a mentor worthwhile. I am very much looking forward to seeing the great things you will do in the future.


Hahaha, I’ll keep that one in the books.

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