Team 624 CRyptonite 2018: PaCRat

Team 624 CRyptonite Robotics from Cinco Ranch High School in Katy, TX is proud to present our 2018 robot, Pacrat!

Reveal Video
We will be competing at San Diego, El Paso, and Lone Star South.

Good luck teams!

Looking forward to seeing 624 in San Diego up close! Exciting.

Nice, I like yall’s single post elevator
Why did yall name it pacrat? Other than the C and R being next to each other

That mono-post elevator looks great. Best of luck in San Diego and El Paso. Look forward to seeing it up close at Lone Star South.

That is one slick climber. An amazing robot as usual.

We really thought the robot was like Pacman, but settled for Pacrat as the C and the R were next to each other, and our school is Cinco Ranch High School.

That ramp material seems really cool! If you don’t mind me asking, how much did your ramp assembly end up weighing?

Love the opening sequence of the reveal video.

Sweet machine! :smiley:

Total 12 pounds. Corrugated board is the way to go.