Team 624 End of Season Recap/Hype Video

In order to remind our school of the awesome year our team has had, we tasked our video team with making a hype video. We’ll air this video on our school’s announcements alongside other videos made for football, volleyball, basketball, etc. Isn’t that the whole point of FRC anyway?

Here’s the video:

Let us know what you think.

CRyptonite is ready for January 9th.

Great video and congratulations on such a great season.

Great video and congrats on the great season! I can’t wait to see what you guys will do with Stronghold.

Very nice video, good job and congratulations on the great season.

Awesome video! The Klein Bots had the pleasure with partnering with you guys at HRR. We were ecstatic to win our first event with you guys!

We also had one of our members create a recap video. (link below)
We look forward to the future events and wish everyone a successful 2016 season.