Team 6329 Robot Reveal 2021: Bounty

Felt wrong not to make a reveal this year, gotta keep some traditions alive. Here is our At Home reboot: Bounty!

We felt lucky to get the opportunity to meet this winter, albeit with restricted build time. Hope the world comes back to normal next year so we can all hit the carpet together again.


Awesome robot!

Very creative to see how after a short season of competition you were still able to come up with unique solutions and not simply copy one of the top 2020 robots.

Can’t wait to see how you guys improve before the April deadline!


Congrats 6329 on an amazing machine. Looks like your best one yet. I can easily see this dominating events. Well done.

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Wow! Awesome robot, simple and effective, making it look easy! Congrats to everyone on the team for making this happen!

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Very nice, is that an H drive or something else?

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You’re definitely correct about it being H drive. The video shows omni in the 4 corners. They seem to be smaller than 6" so maybe 4" omni for drive?

Looks like 2 omnis right under the hopper

You are both correct. We are running 4" omni’s on the corners with our in-tube gearing powered by falcons with 148 inspired dual rockers with 3.25" omnis also with in-tube gearing each powered by a separate falcon.


Given that there was a real competition field, would you be able to drive over the rendezvous bars at all?

Very nice, driving looks quite smooth in the video!

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No, the plan for this bot was to be specifically designed for the at home challenges so the rendezvous bars didn’t play a factor in our design. NE First announced pretty quickly that we wouldn’t be having any in person events in 2021 so that made that decision pretty easy. That said we did leave room for attaching a climber in the future and with the rule challenges in 2021 we could still approach for a climb from the side without issue should any offseason events happen.


We have decided as a team that it would be fun to start posting some times and scores. I’m sure they’ll get topped but where’s the fun in waiting until mid-April to see how everyone did? The videos are coming together slow but we’ll try to keep things up to date as best as possible!

Teleop Slalom

Teleop Barrel


Interesting design. Is there an advantage to the dual rocker setup over a single rocker?

We’ve made a single rocker before and unless you nail that COG we felt it wanted to rotate. By spreading out our two rockers we get a much smoother move laterally.


56 Point Power Port Challenge


Makes sense. I’ve always assumed you could use the main wheel set to control rotation while strafing with a single rocker but never had a chance to test.

You 100% can do that, we still need it while strafing diagonally. This also adds a bit more traction and quickness to our lateral moves.

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Sweet robot!!! Well done!!

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Some new scores and times:

Teleop Barrel (11.1)

Power Port Challenge (68 points)

We’re slowly but surely working on speeding things up one challenge at a time!


This is the best time!


Teleop Bounce (9.4)