Team 6359 Proudly Presents: Scorpius (2020)


Double wide shooter gang


This is a ridiculously nice design, your team did a really amazing job with this. I’m wondering how did you go about mechanizing your lift? What motor and what gear ratio? Are you using a ratchet system? How did you decide what motors to use etc?

That looks like an amazing design, especially having all of the robot’s mechanisms be powered off of the same arm.

A few questions:

  • Do you plan to release your CAD by any chance?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • Did you develop these linear actuators for the 775s internally or are these COTS?
  • Is your shooting rate slow on purpose? It looks as if though really the only thing holding you down is the ball pusher velocity
  • Why did you choose to not pass under the trench even though you have a short robot? I could see the rack and pinion being replaced with an elevator/two telescoping arm (not sure whether one could support an entire robot hanging from these forks) and making the bot pass under the trench

Simple and elegant! The fact that you can outtake 2 balls at a time would have taken you guys quite far this year. But as a suggestion, try increasing your dump speed, this would definitely help the team matches.

This is an insane design that I never would have come up with, executed beautifully. Well done!

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Our lift is a simple rack and pinion off a falcon 500 motor attached to a 15:1 versaplanetary gearbox. We lock it in place by pushing a short peice of gear rack into the rack on the lift with a pneumatic cylinder to lock the lift in place.

Agreed. Simply put, we had it moving slow for testing and never got around to increasing the speed before the season was cancelled. If we take this bot to competition, it will definitely have a higher rate of fire

Someone brought this robot to my attention and I have to say how much I love it. So unique and quirky. For a unique design it also looks well executed. Love it.


Woah. I’m scarred from our team’s use of lead screw in 2019 but it looks that you shouldn’t have too much problems.

Scorpius approves of Scorpius.


That Rack and Pinion locking system is beautiful. I also designed our robot to “punch” a aluminum “rack” into a steel gear on a shaft for our climber with a COTS linear actuator, that way it didn’t slowly retract 5 seconds after the power was cut. That looks really good. Pneumatics is probably much faster than what I was planning (i don’t want to use an entire pneumatic system on one mechanism). We didn’t use it sadly due to lack of time, but it looks amazing on your robot.

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