Team 6375 Need Your Help

My team is now preparing for the CRC(China Robotics Competition) and we met a severe problem. Several Weeks ago, my team ordered 3 versa planetary gearboxes, which are critical parts in our robot, from VEX. Nevertheless when I call in yesterday they told me that the package have been held in US(VEX explained that they must supply US teams first even if there are no orders. If the gearbox run out of stock because of our order and a US team need one, they will be in trouble). We contacted all VEX suppliers in or near China, but none of them have got the gearbox. SO HAVE ANY TEAM GOT SPARE GEARBOXES and would like to lend to us? Every versa planetary gear box that can fit 775 pro with a reduction rate in range of 50:1 to 100:1 is okay. My team will pay all the shipping costs and would like to pay as much renting fee as we can. We really really need your help!

Team 694 is willing to give you our 50:1 versaplanetary gearbox that we are currently using for our climber. We are planning on swapping it out with a different reduction at the beginning of day 1 and if the replacement works then you may have our 50:1 however, we had a cim attached to it so we’re going to have to check if we have any mounting plates for a 775 (should have one in our spare parts).

Good luck and hope you find what you need before the competition

Really appreciate your kindness for your sacrifice and offering this opportunity to us.

Hoping to see you in Zhengzhou. Looking forward to see your amazing robot there. Fight together!:]