Team 639 "Duck 'N Cover"

With about an hour of driver practice this year, I hardly had enough footage for a video!

This years robot, named “Duck 'n Cover” because of it’s distinctive bill was built to be a defensive robot, but is extremely versatile. Due to it’s treads with two-speed transmissions, it is fast enough to act as a feeder, but if it encounters other robots on the field, it can plough through them. If we want to act as a blocking robot, we can do that as well.

The elevator can pick all tubes up from the floor, and lift them to the second level reliably, or take tubes from the feeder slot easily.

From pushing the button on the Operator Console, to the minibot hitting the top is 3.7 seconds, though our deployment is still be being optimized (ie, we can still lose ~.5 seconds on it!)

See you at RIT, and Boston!

Nice treads!

Can we get more picture/video of them upclose?

Great job Code Red!!!

Looks just ducky! cya in Boston!

Glad to oblige :smiley:
Old Cad, though it doesnt have bumpers on like the newer ones do. It also doesnt have treads, so you can see the details of the system.

They are on delron rollers, which saves weight, and are driven by two toughboxes, with an aluminum gear on the top of the tread. It’s essentially the same drive system we have done the last 4 years (not including '09, of course). We have it down to an art!