Team 639 Pneumatic System

Check out Team 639’s filtration system! FIRST forgot to mention it, but you need one of these, or your pneumatics won’t work correctly.

God bless your pump that it shalt not get bronchitis and tuberculosis. Amen.

Not only is that part illegal for a robot’s pneumatics system, it is NOT needed for pneumatics to function correctly, just more efficiently.

I think you may have missed the mild sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:

…unless you’re serious, jfelser.

How are we supposed to know it’s sarcasm without sarcasm tags?

We are using it this year.

And that’s cause no one said this was a picture of a robot.


We actually got quite abit of use out of it today. You should’ve seen the inch of sludge that built up in the polycarbonate container.

Can anyone say “air supply for a paint gun”?!


if you are using it for paint I would suggest stopping. as it looks in the picture its a filter regulator lubricator combo and the last thing you want in your paint is oil!

if you got an inch of sludge out of the filter up there in Ithica, id hate to see what came out down here in hicksville NJ. Or worse yet, anyone of the teams in Trenton or Newark, they prob have to clean it out in between every match. yeah, i think the sarcasm tags were missing

BTW Dave: Id have to agree, i used to be a paintball freak. The markers needed to be cleaned a lot more when the filters on the fill tank were either missing or gummed up. Thats what you get from using compressed air at 4500psi or higher.