Team 639 Robot

Well, our CAD is finally done. Well, done is a relative term, as now is the time we start drilling first, and cadding later. Anyways, our robot is built to be a solid defender, which puts the minibot first over scoring. We are using treads, and a system to stop ourselves from being pushed sideways (try and see if you can see it in the picture!). The minibots (our fastest clocks in at 3 seconds, but its still getting better) deploy on the tray, which has been timed at .30 seconds to full extension. Our Ladder assembly on the front can reach the top rack, as well as grab from the ground. It cantilevers back into the robot at the beginning of the match, or if we are planning on doing a lot of pushing.

looks great!!!

Updates: Our robot can deploy a minibot, and it climb the pole in a total of 3.5 seconds! With the super-shifters we can easily speed around the field, and plow other bots around. The brakes were removed as they didn’t offer much extra except weight.

Aesthetically, CODE RED has been laser cut into some metal, hundreds of CNC holes drilled in the ladder to say 639 on both the top and bottom plates, and red and blue coverings made to match each bumper!