Team 63's New Website

Robotics Team 63 has just launched our latest website. Webmaster Matt R. has been working very hard to provide latest technology.

Currently we have

  • Team Information
  • Forums
  • **ARC / IRC server **
    for real-time chat … we hope to get great names to come chat with us so we can host moderated guest chats. Currently we have a room for people having robot problems to chat with us.
    Come check us out!!!


ROFL how you post a thread when you dont have a link. O.o. Yes I like to see it.


I am on Team 63. The link is :yikes: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need to include the https. http will work fine

Seems pretty nice, but you shouldn’t have any errors on the page, and you should not have the top banner repeated three times on the top.

What kind of errors are you getting. When we go to the site, we don’t see any errors.

This would help our debugging process. What Browser are you using?

You all are probably running it out of your browser’s cache, so you’re seeing an older version on it, try clearing the cache in your browser and then reloading the page, had the same problem when making our site :slight_smile:

edit after taking a look, it looks good to me w/Firefox, I’m guessing you all already fixed it

Internet Explorer, javascript errors, not sure about all the errors. but when I viewed the source I found this one:
document.write("<A HREF="mailto:"[email protected]">"+webmaster+"</A>");

Errors highlighted in red.

I’ll show that to the webmaster. I believe it is because he is using Adobe Page Mill.
edit However, when using Internet Explorer 6 I don’t seem to get the error.

“Could not locate remote server.”

go here:

Sorry, I can’t look at your website from school. Novell, blocks everything, ha. Anyway, check out our team website.