Team 66 Chairman's Video

Hello! We’re Grizzly Robotics and have been playing the game since ~1998. We make it our goal to turn our community on it’s head by showing and teaching people that robotics isn’t just about building robots. It a way to Foster cooperation, STEM, team-work, the different ideas needed to have a FIRST Robotics team. To show these ideas to the community we have created an entire school called STEMM Middle College which is created on the foundation of FIRST Robotics. Students are required to have taken manufacturing, and engineering classes and students can earn up to 84 college credits at Washtenaw Community College. This means every student is able to earn an Associate’s Degree in the field of their choosing! Recently we have partnered with the University of Michigan to build a 10cm x 10cm satellite to launch into space to see the results of DNA bring kept in space or long periods of time. Students in a community where they would normally not get a chance, have the ability to help build and launch a satellite in space. Here is our first robotics Chairman’s video that shows a little bit, of what we do not only in out community, but space-wide.