Team 66

Hey, I tried to catch a little bit of the webcast, but my connection is pretty slow. Sorry I couldn’t stop in for Eastern or Grand Rapids, but from what I hear it was goin’ pretty well. I know a lot of you put in a lot of hard work, and even though I don’t know all the new guys, I can only imagine how the veterans did this year. I know Mike and Dave did an outstanding job of leading the team, as did V and Mr. Smith. I hope little Joe Smith is working out okay for you, he had me worried a couple of times but he’s a hard worker. So is Dave Wood; he was just a newbie when I was there but I reckon that he’s pretty experienced by now. I’ll try to come out and see you guys next year if I can. Keep workin’ hard over the summer. Oh, and Mike’s graduating so, be sure to mess him up before he leaves. C-ya guys later…

Good to hear from you. Don’t worry about me. I mean, I have broken a few things here and there like an IR sensor, but I don’t think I have been too bad.

Yes I have been an extremely hard worker. Basically I worked on a lot of program debugging and electrical, including building the switch box for the controller.

One last thing, don’t call me ‘little’ Joe Smith. =)

That’s alright, I’ve broken a few things in my day. Three years ago we tried to shave down a tire only to discover it was hollow. Two years ago it was a dremmel, and I think that was also the year Colin and I broke Addisson’s sanity. Oh, and last year I dropped and broke a drill motor, and I also broke two dril trannies, again, and again, and again, again. Ask David about that one. I won’t even get into what I’ve broken over the past year.

There will always bee someone to break what you make. All you can do is build it the best you can and take good care of it