Team 665

Welcome to the MAYHEM style of adapting to the problems that arise. When a leak occurred in the ceiling, for the second time (it has since been fixed with duct tape), it shorted out our florescent lights above the mill. In order to continue building our robot, we needed light by the mill. We used our old battery depletion module to shed some more light in the area.

P.S. We have a lowrider. If only hydraulics were allowed in FIRST competitions…

haha nice idea…

I hope you guys don’t run into any problems going over the two 1/2 in. bumps under the overpasses.

How big are those wheels? 8"?

As far as I can tell from the prints on how to make a field, there are not 1/2 bumps all the way across under the overpasses.

Can anyone else confirm this?

The finish line is flat, however, the line divider creates some small bumps where it is anchored.

Further discussion about the finish line being flat.

They are 10" diameter, pneumatic wheelchair wheels, we chose these for more speed. However, the front wheels are 8" (more like 7.5", but we’re saying 8).

We don’t think we’ll have any problems with the bumps, despite what the picture shows, we have about 1" of ground clearance, so I don’t expect anything bad happening.


sorry I meant lane dividers

but yes there are 1/2 inch bumps to anchor the lane dividers down that extend out into the field

but if you’re 1 inch off the ground then you should be fine

Almost Done!
Our drive train is going to be beastly this year.

Do I really want to know what the really long thing (that I can’t imaging fitting in the box) is for? Or why it has long black things (pneumatic tubing?) attched to it?

BTW, its very shiny. (both drivetrain and bot)

That would be latex tubing, giving the catapult action more force when under tension.
When it is completely finished, you will be amazed by how much shinier it will become. I really appreciate your appreciation of shininess, it makes our team’s mentality seem more common.

I’m not sure if this is your final 'bot but if I remember correctly the gearboxes you have on your drive are from two years ago which I think is illegal.

You are correct, on all but maybe the “final 'bot”. Those are '05 or '06 kit trannies which are not legal. Put the Toughbox in and that drive will be legal and still have about the same speed.

This looks like a design from 05 =P

Of course we are OBVIOUSLY going to reuse a design from a previous year. :stuck_out_tongue: