Team 668's T-Shirt Shooter

We finally put on the finishing touches on our t-shirt shooter for this week’s Homecoming game. It was well received by the crowd, though we overshot a few shirts.

We built it for about $300 (we already had a drivetrain and the electronics on hand), and it works pretty well.

We plan do some testing on it soon to see what kind of range we have, but the shot in the video was at about 60psi.

Let us know what you think :smiley:

That’s pretty awesome. We were thinking about making one of those, but the plans didn’t work out.

Was it built over the summer or since the beginning of school?

We made one last year that we were really disappointed with.

This summer, we came up with the plans to build one and purchased the materials. Fabrication really picked up in about mid-September.

Any closer pictures? Looks great!