Team 675's 2010 Robot : The Green Machine

Check it out guys.

Looks good guys.

Any robot (including ours) that can climb the bump should be able to easily get up that ramp.

Hopefully we’ll have a suspension at SVR this year. :cool:

Thanks! Our ramp is even less steep than the bump, by about 15 degrees.

What do you mean by suspension though?

After checking the rules again, a robot must hang off another elevated robot, so climbing on top would count as elevating not suspending.

Still a cool idea though…

Oh ok point taken. But still we make it a hell of a lot easier for teams to get the end game points. Its takes a couple seconds to deploy and they just drive up and you get the end game bonus. One and even 2 if all goes well. Hopefully we get to work it out together at some point.

do you guys have a roller for ball control? Great robot by the way

They are working on that as we speak. Coming up with some ideas to work with the design. And what’s left of our space on the robot.

Thanks very much