Team 68 Teaser

Well, here you go. The only thing that you will be seeing of our robot until Great Laks Regional. Following what happend last year coughupdate 20cough, we will *not * be releasing any more pictures of our robot.

Please enjoy

So you think that if you create a machine that doesnt conform with the rules, as long as you dont show anyone until you reach competitions, it will be legal? If anything, you should be happy. You learned early, before the ship date, that your robot needed to be fixed, or else you wouldnt have been able to compete. Sure, Im sure you feel “screwed” by what happened, but rules are rules, and you should be grateful you didnt learn the hard way.


This might be a stupid question, but what happened to you guys (Team 68) last year? I’m assuming that the rules update eliminated whatever you were planning on doing/using, but there’s a good chance that I’m wrong.

Not stupid at all!

In fact, we got to semi-finals at galllaio and were knocked out by miss daisy in an amazing match.

As far as the arms, they were legal before the update (which occured after ship date), and could have been used to the same extent with th new rule, we could have simply placd it infront of the bar, rather than straddleing it.

However, we decided, first thing, at our first regional to remove the 3rd stage of arms. We wanted to mak it clear that we were not going to fight the rule.

As for the picture, it is a joke! Its just a piece of T6 on our chassis.

Have a wonderful day.

looks like a scale model of half the world trade center

is that your plan? build a robot that transforms into a skyscraper?

I dont get it?

why cant it turn into something thats fun to play with, like a prehistoric bug? (-Tom Hanks in ‘Big’)


You should have your robot turn into something REALLY cool - like an armadillo, or a spatula, or Optimus Prime. :slight_smile:

Here is the thread that caused the problems last year and here is the update that addressed it.

While I can’t say that I agree with 68’s decision, I certainly understand it. Last year, you took advantage of a vague area in the rules, and posted a picture, and FIRST created/clarified a rule and made it clear that it was illegal. However, the year before, other teams took advantage of a vague area in the rules (tethers) and didn’t tell anyone, and they were allowed at regionals.

I have two strategys this year that are not illegal at this point, but I’m sure would be if word of them got back to FIRST. I’ve decided not to use them, but the point holds.

Remember, Beatty often doesn’t show anything, or at least much of anything until their regionals, and look at how well they’ve done :slight_smile:

I remember scanning down the list of Galileo teams and spotting your number… then shrinking in fear, that mechanism was quite scary. But hey, even without it, you guys got picked first in the playoffs… what a great match too, after that disqualification, could it get any more crazy?

anyhow, i’m sure you guys will turn out another beast this year… any new covers for your mini-car? that thing could fly, man, i still can see you roar up the ramps at the dome