Team 6822 looking for mentors

Team 6822 is looking for mech mentors. We are based in Sunnyvale, CA and are currently looking for mech mentors that can help the team with Robot design and build. This is a community team and has kids from multiple schools. So the meeting times are mostly on Fridays and in the weekends but open to any-day in the week depending on the availability of mentors.

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Hi, Mentor1, welcome to Chief Delphi! Go to your Dashboard, then to the Team Information button on the left. The dropdown menu will include a Find Mentors link. That will take you to the FIRST Mentor Network. Good luck!

Thanks Cyberjagzz. I did try posting in the network. I got no response.

Try switching to Team Coach View (dropdown menu under your icon). A list of matches should show up, and you can filter by distance. Then you can message the candidates to see if they would be interested.

Thanks much!

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