Team 691 Robot

First time that team 691 (HartBurn) has ever revealed there robot before competition time. So here are the videos:

Racing around the track (the robot can reach a speed of roughly 18 fps), but then it started to slow down because the battery died…

Trying out our “fist,” but our driver drove too far, and as a consequence the fist was unable to knock the ball off…

One of our freshman driving the robot ans nearly crashing it on several occasions…

Feel free to tell us what you think. See you in LA and hopefully Atlanta.

Nice looking bot. The drive seems to be right at that speed between uncontrolable and fast, and with enough driver practice i think you guys’ speed could be a real threat. I would have loved to see some videos of your scoring device in action (i assume that pole sticking out in front was some sort of scoring device). It looked fairly compact and im interested in seeing it perform. Good job!

Thank you for all the nice things said.

First, the robot is actually very controllable, but that day when we were practicing our driver was sick with the flu. So these are just amateur drivers. I forgot to tell you all that the robot is a four wheel drive. It is a rear wheel drive powered by the AM Toughboxes (with some major modifications), and the front two wheels are Ackerman steering. And we have our own custom 4.125" OD wheels.

Second, we actually do not have a “scoring” device. What our strategy is, is to herd the ball as we go around the track, and knock the ball off with that “fist” in autonomous mode. We herd with that angled piece of PVC in front of the robot.

Third, our robot is 85 pounds.

Keep the feedback coming.

Wow, great job on the steering. We did the same kind of steering this year. Our is a little hard to drive though because it’s kind of delayed. Great job, though!

Hey, what regional(s) are you going to be at?

We are going to the LA Regional. We were short on funds this year, so we were unable to sign-up for a second regional which we usually do. But hopefully we will do well at LA.