Team 694 2012 Robot Video

I hope you guys enjoy the video and good luck to all the teams in rebound rumble!

Looking good StuyPulse! Can’t wait to see you guys at both NYC and Connecticut Regional this year!

Quick question, are you able to shoot from the key? In your video it shows you most of the time shooting up close, will that be your in game strategy for scoring points?

Our strategy is to score up close but we are able to score from the key and that will be our plan for the autonomous mode.

I believe this is a key shot, but it is hard to tell.

At any rate, here is another video of us scoring at the Key to back up that claim:

Also one more question, when shooting during tele-op do you guys autonomously aim or shoot manually?

We have several preset buttons on our operator interface as seen here
The buttons on the right correspond to hard-coded rpms for certain distances except for one which corresponds to an automatic speed based on distance from the wall. We have not gotten this button working yet and I doubt that we will put much effort into getting it working because so far we have found the buttons we have to be satisfactory.

I’ll be following this robot closely. The video makes it look like it can’t miss and it plays the game exactly the way I think all robots should.