Team 696 2023 Robot Teaser

You may have noticed we’ve been radio silent since the Hueneme Port regional. We decided our 2023 robot needed a “few” changes…

Say hello to Ctrl+Z.


Edit: All good now it seems

Looking forward to seeing the updated bot in action.
I was actually shocked the team was only registered for one regional. Was a bit concerned!

IIRC they were registered for Aerospace Valley, but didn’t make it out there. My guess is they did that for more time to work on this beauty.


Love to see these kinds of rebuilds. Best of luck!


They were going to be at the Idaho Regional but canceled after winning Hueneme. Registered for AVR after, basically just for practice, but just worked more on the bot instead.

Dang! I love the fact that you rebuilt your robot after Hueneme Port!! Best of luck at Champs!!! Will be rooting for y’all. Also I like the bots name haha.

Well that looks really cool. What a comeback!!!
I was wondering why you cut the top off your robot week 1
Really looking forward to watching it on the video streams from worlds!!!

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