Team 696 Robot with Endeavor

Team 696 2012 Robot QHR with the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

My eyes are hurting from the pure awesomeness…


Neat! How did you guys arrange that?

I can proudly say I was there to witness the monumental effort of transporting the shuttle from LAX to the science center. I saw it complete it’s final stretch down MLK before they got ready to move it into the Exposition Park complex. It was a surreal experience. There was an amazing number of people. It infused the local economy for sure…there were dozens of street vendors, and local restaurants were clearly booming. Everyone cheered as it went by. There were dozens and dozens of tree trimming trucks, police, etc. Most importantly everyone seemed to share a common pride in America…it needs to happen more often.

We were at the Science Center all week demonstrating our robot at the Space Fest, and had an opportunity to grab this photo early one morning before the shuttle exhibit opened to the public that day.

What an amazing photo! I love it! :smiley:

I have to ask: can you actually walk directly under the shuttle? If you could that would be super awesome :smiley:

Yes, you can walk all around and underneath it. What I found really interesting is that all the weight of the front end comes down to one little point about 2" in diameter under the nose.

This picture doesn’t really do it justice. The robot is probably about 5 feet from the camera, and the shuttle is probably 40 feet behind the robot. The robot is tiny in comparison to the shuttle. Also, it’s near impossible to get the entire shuttle in a single frame on camera in the building it’s in, without a special lens.