Team 696 second robot finished!

Hey Delphiers,

If you don’t know already, our team is planning to build two robots this year (one for competition, one for practice).

Here is a picture of one of our robots with the arm and wheel mechanism fully mounted, and operational. Of course, it won’t be as polished as the robot we’re going to enter into the competition (the wiring is messy, the pneumatics are mounted wherever…); this is a practice bot. We’re in the fabrication stage, and we should have all the parts and decor for our competition robot ready soon.

We’ll make a video of this robot in action this weekend! Look forward to it!


Very nice. How well does the passive tube grabber work?

Dear Silicon Ghost,

Please check out this previous thread here. It should answer your questions about how well the “Slam Dunk” passive grabber works.

When we show you a video if it in action this weekend, I think a lot of your questions will be answered.


ah yes, gevo with his rabbiz pose. but where’s his mercedes?!

some good times… now we can have fun practicing with it for the rest of the build season! :smiley:

edit i believe that the apple g4 in the background was not placed in the picture purposefully. though mac’s tend to rock :stuck_out_tongue:

thats very nice to have…for practice and also if you are trying new drivers out we also have a practice robot and actually robot for competition are real robot is in the process of being put together i believe we just got it back early today from our chassi and tower being water jetted.

cool robot, but as for a design tip… How easy is it to score a donut if that racks spider legs are constantly moving? It seems like you got the picking up part down, but now try to figure out a way to secure that donut so that it doesn’t fall out of your “passive” grabber… Just a suggestion :wink:

Good luck! Hope you have a good season!

Look forward to the video, great going.

nice robot u got there
check out our team’s website