Team 696 Written Progress, Teaser, and Contest


We got one of the “QuadraMax G2” gearboxes nearly complete and run in today. We put about an hour total of time of it. It gets quieter and smoother the more we run it.

We have a rolling chassis (the “MultiStep L2”) that we just learned (2.5 hrs ago) only barely clears the step (by like .050"). So, on Monday we will be installing a .5 - 1 inch Stage 2 suspension lift kit, sort of like lifting a truck. Unfortunately, we could not find the right size U-bolts so we’ll have to live with normal bolts. :frowning:

On our rolling chassis, we have one subsystem (The RotoWhack G2) done and mounted. Let’s just say it might look a little familiar. :wink:

The gears for the second “QuadraMax G2” were lightened tonight. We are going to machine shop tomorrow (Sunday) to hopefully get both “QuadraMaxes” done and complete and ready to mount to the frame on Monday. We already have the plates done, we just have to do the shafts and gears and keyways. We will be making chains and on Monday and doing some cracker-jack electrical work and hopefully be driving on Tuesday night.

The Hook-O-Matic is making slow but steady progreess. The motor mount is done, we got in our titanium dynamic-load-bearing drive flanges, and drive components. We also got the first stage of the arm in today along with a prototype second stage. The four turnbuckles were purchased today. The second stage final product should be coming soon. The motor mount is done and lightened. The pillow block, yes only one, is being made tomorrow. We made a hook today that we think is good enough to actually use. We might CNC or weld one if this bent one is not good.

We still need to order a couple drive components (for the Hook-O-Matic) and battery conectors. We might get some different tires, we have to try driving first.

I’d hate to speak so soon but according to my personal estimates it looks like we may be up to three pounds under weight BEFORE the SCRRF Scrimmage.


I will personally send something special (Nothing too expensive, I haven’t decided what it will be yet, the more accurate the guess the better the prize) to the person who makes the best Inventor model or very deatiled written description correctly guessing what our robot will look like and do. Submission must be received BEFORE any pictures are released and before the SCRRF scrimmage. Teams and members within a three mile radius of us teams and member assisting us with testing facilites are exempt from this contest. Any attempt to cheat whatsoever is strictly considered Maliciously Amateur.

Submission must be above a certain “level of detail” that is determined by me once I view the submission. For example, if only one person makes a submission that is a rough pencil sketch of doodlings that may look like a robot, it is the best submission but it would not meet the level of detail required thus it would not win. All I can say about this level of detail is that it is very high. Anyone can guess the conceptual functions of any robot. I want more than that.


  • Look at the names of our subsystems

  • Figure out what the G is in “G2”

  • We have access to a:

  • good aluminum welder guy,

  • good sheet metal guy with “certain” cutting capabilities

  • a “certain” company well known for high quality titanium RC Car components

  • HAAS VF-4 four axis CNC mill

  • a full line of manual machines.

  • Also, previous design(s) by us and/or other team(s) may appear in our new robot.

  • The cool blue heat sink(s) on a certain component(s) will be returning again this year.

  • It is being built by this bunch of whackos (9 HS students) and me and a few others with hardly any engineer support.

  • I have already posted a picture of the frame we will be using in the picture titled “Seven Chassis-es!”

  • Last, it will be slightly slower than last year’s and will be for the first time ever on our team be toting each the pneumatic compressor AND the Van Door Motor.

That is a lot of hints, someone out there should be able to very accurately guess this.


Wait, thats b/c its sitting in my garage right now.

Hmmm… I think someone wants to (very cleverly) get us to do their Inventor award submission! :ahh:

heh, just kidding. If anyone actually takes the time to do this, I would be amazed.


mmm…im not part of team 696. i do live close to you guys tho…from what ive heard…glendale right? im proly liek 10-15 miles away from there. well i have some time. if i give you detailed plans…what do i get dave…i mean err david.

Theres this guy, This Guy. Hes pretty annoying. Hes a former member of our team that returns like a cancer once in a while…


Robowhack G2 - Similar to your arms last year. They are to herd balls, instead of totes. (Certainty: 9.9/10)

Quadramax - 4 way gear shifting for the chippies? (Certainty: 7/10)

Hook-o-matic: For hanging (obviously). I’m gonna guess that the hook is at the end of an arm that telescopes up, and then with the heavy duty titanium supporting, you are going to pull yourself up. (Certainty: 4/10)


I think Hook-o-Matic is some sort of device that launches the hook upward, then uses a winch to pull up the bot. I talked to my team about something like that but it got rejected because they thought we’d break the “risk of entanglement” rule :slight_smile: Or maybe you have a little helicopter that flies up to the bar and attaches the hook :smiley:

I’m gonna go with a more detailed guess

The Robowhack is for herding the balls. It is almost the same as your arms last year, but this year they are powered by a small (3/4 inch bore?) pneumatic cylinder for each side. I attached a picture (I think it worked). In the front are arms (we are using the same concept).

I still don’t know much about the quadramax’s are, but I still think that they are for 4 way shifting for the chippys (your drive motors).

As for the hook-o-matic. I still think the arm telescopes, but I am going to guess that the hook at the end is attached to a van-door motor to act as a winch for you to pull up off of the ground. I am going to guess that there are no projectiles involced, either.


EDIT: The attachment isn’t working, so can you PM me your e-mail adress so I can e-mail the picture?

how can you make an entire gear box in a hour :frowning:

we must be really slow