Team 701 Build Season/Reveal Video

Team 701 Presents:

Enjoy our Build Season/Reveal video!


I see you guys went with a crossbow linear track as well! This is an awesome design guys! Well post our crossbow shooter too once we’re done refining it :stuck_out_tongue:

Our robot(s) this year features…

6 Wheel WCD with 6 CIM BallShifter - 21 ft/s in High gear (4.17:1) and 5.7 ft/s in Low gear (15.32:1)

JVN / Ri3D style intake

Shooter is a crossbow style linear shooter. Right now it shoots consistently from 15 ft, but we can increase it’s range still. Hopefully we can get that up to 20 ft in the next few weeks.

Autonomous is dialed for one high goal shot, driving up about 5 ft. We hope to get a two ball auto at some point.

I think of it more like a ballista than a crossbow. Ballistas can fire spherical projectiles!

We prototyped a ballista too. We’ll miss you guys in Denver! You are a very inspiring team, especially considering we looked at you as the standard to reach for since last year. Keep an eye out for our video(s), hopefully you’ll like what you see too.

Great video!

With that set up can you pass forward and backward?

Yep… the forward pass would most likely be the “over the truss to the human player” play.

Thank you so much for the kind words. We really enjoyed the regional and catching up with a bunch of alumni that live in the Denver area. The next time I come back though, I will have my snowboard and a few extra days to hit the slopes.

Thank you so much! Being a team that others want to emulate means a lot to me! I’ll be sure to watch the Colorado Regional live! Maybe you’ll win Colorado, and our teams will meet at Championships if we win Chariman’s or win one of our regionals, too. I wouldn’t be able to go to St. Louis this year if my team goes, though. Did your team go with the ballista, or did you finalize a different design? I haven’t seen your robot yet.

Incredible! Can’t wait to see it in person at the Sac Regional. I missed it at Practice Day due to…well, I think everyone knows why :rolleyes:

I haven’t seen your robot except for your pneumatic catapult. I saw your team at the St. Francis Scrimmage, but I don’t think I saw your bot. Is there anywhere where you have media of the final robot posted?

Also, make sure to reserve one of your big Eagleforce mascot stickers! It looked great on our robot last year, and I have an idea of where to stick it this year!

We’ll post something eventually! And we’ll make sure to have a sticker ready for you guys!

We haven’t put together a “Release video” or images yet. But since we love you guys so much, here is one just because you asked.
Meet “Ulama”. (Yeah, the name has two related meanings. One is a ball game, the other is the name for a Sri Lankan “Devil Bird”, and thus the inspiration.)

Looks great! How are those chopstick intakes working for you? I’ve seen quite a few teams with similar intakes and they seem to work much better than I had anticipated at the beginning of the season.

We weren’t too impressed at first. But, we kept adjusting this, trying that, until we found a key to making them work well. We are now just going to try different materials on the arms to see if we can optimize their performance. Even if we don’t get any better performance, we are happy with what we have already.

Check out a quick passing test we tried. It makes passing between “Chopsticks” a simple process. The ball never even touches the floor.

I can’t seem to be able to view what’s on the link. It’s probably best just to PM me another link.

I re-posted it to youtube.