Team 701's 2009 Robot

There are so many new things for us that have been incorporated into this years robot, just to name a few:
Removable Electronics Box,
Carbon Fiber Rollers, (We always find some way to incorporate carbon fiber)
Inertial Navigation System,
Gear-to-Gear Drive,
A rotational-to-linear Agitator(that uses the motion of raising our conveyor to keep balls from jamming in the nearby hopper)
and 2 Servos for our “Hooks of Doom”

Along with just a massive number of sensors:
6 encoders ( 4 drive, 1 conveyor, one shooter)
1 Light Sensor (Automatic Ball-loading)
1 Gyro (Positioning)
1 Accelerometer (Positioning)
1 Potentiometer (Turret)
1 Limit Switch (At top of conveyor)
1 Camera (Targeting of course :smiley: )

While we sadly missed the Fembots’ Scrimmage this year, what we accomplished on the side will hopefully make up for it when we attend the Boston and Sacramento Regionals.

Careful Sig, there’s actually 2 accelerometers (X and Y). Add it all up with the motor outputs and there are 31 channels of I/O.

Oh yeah, It’s the tri-axis accelerometer from the kit, but we’re only using X and Y.

wow that is really cool, i saw one of your videos the bot looks really nice.