Team 701's 2012 Electronics

It was challenging this year, trying to cram 10 Jaguars, 2 Spikes, and a whole set of solenoid valves for pneumatics in such a small area. But we succeeded. And by using Anderson connectors, the panels for the Jaguars and spikes are completly removable, and each light visible from aboe the robot for quick diagnosis of errors.

Nice! Very clean.

Is CAN working well for you? I made a couple comments on 2220’s picture about the issues 997 had last year. It would be great to learn it’s working well this year.

This may just be the top picture, but (from the orientation of the picture) the bottom 30amp fuse closest to the 40amp fuses looks like it’s sitting a little funny…

There is a certain amount of space that should be kept clear in between jaguars to allow the side vents to work properly and prevent the jags from overheating. I think it is about one inch, I know that it is more than what you currently have. My recommendation is to place some of them on steps made of standoffs and polycarbonate to avoid issues. Remember, with the CAN bus, if one jaguar overheats, every jaguar after it in the chain goes offline as well.

for the most part, it looks great!

I like the CAN usage…

agreed that the jags are too close…

I’ll have to check that fuse out but im pretty sure its just tweaked a little.

CAN’s worked great for us over the years.

Not too worried about over heating with the space above them and trusting the fans, but we’ll see if that bites me in the butt (doubting it will, but i understand it’s a safer practice to allow more space). Also the duct tape on top will be removed, it’s just to protect it from any magic stray shavings.

This is the first year I’ve worked with this control system. I’ve never heard of this space requirement. Is there documentation of this?

Here ya go:

“Yes, please do not cover them up! Jaguar draws air through the top vent and expels it out the side
vents. If any of these vents are blocked, it reduces the airflow through the unit and affects the cooling
of the power transistors (MOSFETs). Similarly, we also recommend against placing Jaguar (MDL‐BDC)
modules directly next to each other (touching) so as to reduce any conflicting airflow.”

They recommend it, but im not too worried, they have room to vent.

False. The CAN connection is hardwired between the two ports and Jaguars tap into this hardwired connection. Barring an electrical fire or corrosive magic smoke, one offline Jaguar won’t break the daisy chain.

Never take manufacturers’ recommendations lightly, especially with a product that is known to be temperamental when abused. If you’re going to ignore them, though, keep a very close eye on every Jag running a 40A circuit to watch out for failures.

Looks very nice though. Good luck at competition! :wink:

That is a very impressive wiring job. The only one I ever saw that was more space efficient was done by one of the teams from the UK. They had the CRIO, a battery, the power distribution board, at least 14 Jaguars, two digital sidecars, and the rest of the electronics all packed in a space less than half that size with room to spare. Their electrical mentor was a retired doctor that seemed to have an incredible knack for getting a lot of components to fit in tight spaces. You might want to contact him for additional advice on how he did it. I believe his name was Who.

Haha thank you, i’ve done my share of craming too:

thanks to an unforeseen amount of sensors though, pwms became a hassle and it ended up like this (though more neat by the end of build season that year:

Needless to say, as electrical mentor, i have plenty of experience of things to avoid, and NOT do. :slight_smile:

Very nice job. I like that the critical components are visible for inspection. All the LEDs on the PD, DSC, Crio and radio are in a position that diagnostics will be easy. Nice job on the battery case and insulation where needed. I am guessing that the battery will have a hold down since everything else is so well done. Your inspector will likely ask about the switch on the back of your bridge but I don’t think he/she will have any problems inspecting your electrical system. Congratulations on a nice job.