Team 701's 2012 Robot

Let me just say a lot of work has gone into this and I’m proud of our team. This is the first year we’ve had our robot powder coated, and the first year we built 2 robots, so we finally have a practice bot. Much design work and CNCing of parts was done by our students, and the programmers have been keeping busy with the practice bot. It may also be the first year we’ve had lights on the robot. I look forward to seeing it finished up, and putting on a strong show at Davis and Spokane this season.

Things missing at this time but just need attached:
Ball shooter and intake rollers
Lexan to cover electronics and hold robot
Angle to help support Lexan over electronics
Various sensors, chain, wire and small miscellaneous things

I should be able to answer most questions, but I’m just an alumni who helps every few days so no guarantees.

In the front appendage, with the awesome horns, does the L channel that the motor sits on exit the frame perimeter?

If it doesn’t, then I’m 95% sure that your appendage would be ruled as 2 appendages, and would be penalized.

Bridge manipulator? I take it from the wheels you will decidedly not be crossing the barrier?
I see supershifters - what are the speeds on them?
I know the robot is unfinished, but some of those wires look mighty close to those chains…
What baskets can you score on?
Lastly, what might those flat protrusions at the very back (The structure your dlink appears to be mounted upon) be for?

I’m a little confused by your wording, but it only protrudes in one direction adn that’s out of the front of the robot, not past the sides, and it should actually sit out farther than that allowing for 8inch bumpers on each side.

Not sure of super shifter speeds and yes we’re going only bridge, the horns also help us hold another robot on top of us, our plan for getting 3 or 2 robots on a bridge easily. The back protrusions help keep a robot from driving off us, they drive up until they hit that with their bumpers, then the horns raise to secure the back end and we carry them.

Also we can score on all 3 baskets even from our low height. :wink:

What he means is are your front appendages contiguous, ie the pieces outside the frame are all one piece and don’t cross the frame perimeter in two different places? If not than there are some GDC answers that are really going to bite your design.

Speaking of your design, I’m a little bit lost as to how you’re getting a robot on to the back of your robot in the first place…

My guess is they park under one side of the bridge and another robot drives off of the bridge onto their robot and they drive up the bridge. Just speculation.

Yes they are contiguous.

And like he said, we park under the edge of the bridge, and another robot drives on us.

WHAT??!!! 701’s not going to SVR??!!! :ahh:

This thing is beautiful! I want to compete with it SOOOO badly!

Unfortunately not, but thanks!!! (we see Davis as our home regional, which is convenient for me as I’m studying there)

It will look even better at competition, possibly some diamond plate on the side to give it that tank / warrior look to go with the horns, a clear coat on the carbon to make it shiny, etc etc. little things.