Team 701's finished animation!

For your viewing pleasure…

it is on the main page


Really good! I like it!

A few things look kinda rough, some of the models could be better. but for a one-man team, you did some pretty slick stuff.

Props, my man, props.

first one ive seen to follow the theme this year. (then again i haven’t seen many.) Very nice, good music.

ya, wow, that is really good!! best i have seen yet, especially fitting the theme. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

excellent animation! i love the guitar riffs at the end (two handed tapping?)

I LOVE IT! great solo with guitar and the drums were neat to! =) love the sound
lol you sure do love seeing you name in the credits

I gotta tell you, hands down, you did all that by yourself withing 45 days? you rock man, you simply ROCK =)