Team 701's Robot Reveal Teaser/Test

I started work on my team’s robot reveal video for the 2015 season. After seeing the 2014 Alberta Tech Alliance Robot Reveal video, I wanted to see if I could emulate what was created by Edge Point Productions.

Over the years, robot reveal videos have gotten increasingly high in quality, and I’d like everyone to keep that up, including my team! Here it is:

For anyone wondering, what I used for the smooth panning was not an actual camera track, but instead a Rotatrim paper cutter that we have at our facility.

Looks really good video-wise, although that chopsaw is running kinda slow IMO.

The frame rate of the video makes it look slow. Kinda like when you see car wheels rotate in a video.

I mean cutting too slowly for an aluminum angle of that size.

Considered. I can’t tell from this video how fast the saw is actually going, so I wouldn’t know if it were too slow.