Team 706: Copperhead Robotics - 10th F4 CADathon Winning Design Release

Team 706: Copperhead Robotics is proud to release our winning CADathon robot and supporting documentation. This was the first ever CADathon for Team 401 and we were super excited to compete!

We opted to use the latest revision of our Snake Bite Swerve collaborative design as it seemed a good fit for this challenge and allowed us to save development time.

CAD for our robot is available in OnShape: Onshape dont judge the bad wires it was 3am ok

Full documentation and renders are available in GrabCAD: GrabCAD We focused on making our documentation as fully featured as possible in both engineering and strategic analyses. Some strategic hot take highlights include:

  • β€œThe barrier rank point is impractical at every level of play.”
  • β€œWe would decline any alliance captain that primarily scores barriers to rank high.”

Nice work! It’s always fun to see my FeatureScripts in the wild :grinning:

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