Team 706's 2010 Robot Demonstration Video

We’re almost wrapping up our robot, just adding a few final touches. So far the feature list includes:

live camera feed for aiming/ball grabbing (no lag)

Pneumatic kicker with a surgical tube assist, can be raised up or down for long/short range shots

4 CIM 8 wheel drive

2 fischer price motors powering a vacuum to hold balls in possession

When in the long range position, the average distance before the ball hits the ground is about 35 feet. Although we can, we do not necessarily plan on scoring long range, the long range kicker can shoot over both bumps to move balls from a defensive zone to an offensive zone. once the ball is on the other side of the field, the kicker can be raised into the scoring position.

Impressive! I like how you managed to cram so many neat mechanisms into such a small volume, it’s a very clean looking design. Your method of adjusting range is clever, too. Looks like you guys are pretty much done, you’ve got plenty of time to get lots of driver practice in.

I’m impressed. It seems like for the second straight year, you have built a very technically advanced robot. I think should have some more success with this one, though.

The two aspect thats stand out is your ability to control a ball while turning/backing up and the ability to change the height/distance on the kicks (personally, I think a lack of this will hurt a lot of teams)

Nice work. Look foward to seeing it at Wisconsin.

i agree, last year the robot was great but we didnt have any time to test it and ran into some kinks at the competition. now that we’ve got a little bit better hold on our schedule i think we’ll do pretty well.

My thoughts exactly. You know when a team manages to build something as capable as team 233 that they’re destined to build an awesome robot. (For those who are unaware, 706’s robot was almost exactly like The Pink Team’s last year, except it had an adjustable pitch turret and a swerve drive!) You guys really hit the mark this year, with a robot that can do one thing very well. With plenty of driver practice, you could easily win an event this year.

looks great have you guys thought about designating a team just for driving?

Well done.

Great job! easily my favorite robot so far. I love the vacuum dump valve and the adjustable height kicker.

Looks like you guys did a great job. The robot is excellent at kicking, and doesn’t really have to worry about getting over the bumps, because it can glide right under. It also looks like a really clean design.

Very nice. :smiley:

That is a very impressive machine. Kudos to your design team.

Good luck at your competitions!

I especially like how the video is 2:33 long

i feel like we should meet 233, we have so much in common. they’re down in florida, arent they? not a big chance that they’ll be coming to the wisconsin regional

Thanks for the input guys, its great to hear other teams like our design. Can’t wait to compete.

We are at Kennedy Space center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Most live in either the Cocoa Beach or Rockledge area. But you never know, maybe we’ll see you in Atlanta.

And even from what I can see, our robots may have some things in common. They are both 28 inches by 38 inches I presume, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update, we also added a ball magnet to the front which feeds balls into the vacuum so we can contact them with the whole front of our robot and not worry about the vacuum grabbing them. We will probably add a final video this weekend.

Wow guys! Awesome job! Makes me proud to be a founding member of 706… can’t wait to see you guys in action at Milwaukee!

wow i love the kicker give the designer of that a high-five for me! :ahh:

A robot capable of going to Atlanta :smiley:

I like how it is streamlined and compact, and I very much do like the variable kicker mechanism. The idea of having an offset suction possessor is superb IMHO compared to the additional space (and possible energy) needed in a dual suction setup.

Having a 8 wheel 4 CIM with traction wheels will definitely give you the advantage in a pushing match against majority of the robots due to the fact that most I have seen so far are either mechanum or omni, or a combination of slip and traction.

Great Work; I’d love to see it in competition :cool:

Very impressive, the variable kicking is amazing! I must say though, the highlight of the video was the easy-clamp that you are using on the front…

Good luck and have fun this year!

lol we werent sure what angle we wanted to mount the camera yet at that point in time, hopefully we’ll replace the easy clamp with a more permanent solution, like duct tape, or elmers glue :slight_smile:

we got a lot of great freshmen this year, i think that made a big difference. they’re still learning the ropes but i really think that in about 2 years 706 will be putting out some truly awesome bots.