Team 706's WORKING FINAL 2010 Robot Video

Hey guys this is our FINAL video in HD. Enjoy :smiley:

Love the ball acquiring system, beats just a roller hands down.

good looking bot guys i’ll be taking a look at it in wisconsin
(going up for saturday to watch)

I love the big-bore sucker. Nice job.

The safety glasses police are going to be here soon, and – boy – are you going to get it!

Its hard to see because they are clear, but all the students have a pair on. Our college mentor, Dave, seems to think he is exempt from the rule however :yikes:

Aw, common, I was in and out of the shop + classroom and running to the store’n’stuff that day, they got lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic video. You guys were the clear leader at the mini regional last weekend. Pushing is going to be a big factor this year and with your bot there is no contest.

Great looking robot, I’m liking the adjustable height kicker. Does your driver really like the sticks spaced that far apart?

What size pistons are you using? we have a similar design but are having trouble getting our piston to release air fast enough for it hit the ball that hard.

The piston alone does not kick very hard. The surgical tubing adds a significant amount of force. The piston is mainly used for retract, but it adds a bit to the kick too.

Indeed I do :slight_smile: it also makes a great spot for the camera feed because we have lag free feed which is great for picking up balls.

yeah i know figured the tubing was the main pawer to kick, but how do u guys release the air fast enough for it to kick that hard? or does the tension in the tubing pull the piston back fast enough?

The piston is precharged and held back with a car door latch rated for 700lbs. There is another piston which actuates this latch and releases the precharged piston and bungees.

ok. thanks for the help. we are only a second year team, so we still have LOTS to learn.

Sure thing. If you want I can send you pictures of it when we get to see it again :frowning: (we shipped today)

Ok that would be great. I think we “figured it out”. Its working A LOT better now. We ship our base today :frowning: but are keeping the arm for more work.