Team 71 "Hole Shot" Photo

Team 71 Leaping Start

Maybe I’ve been watching too much BattleBots…but are those Velcro-like pads (on the top of the robot) attached to a cam on the motor that makes them shuffle?

Then I s’pose those white shock absorbing legs could pop up the shufflers when side-to-side manuevering is needed.

Cool stuff from team 71 as always.


PS check out the high-res at this link.

When I first saw the picture, I was confused because I couldn’t find any front wheels. The Wyachi shuffle makes sense though.

I’m betting that we won’t see any better pics out of Hammond, they usually don’t release much before competitions.

I agree with Dan, excellent bot as always.


looks like you guys are going to be unstoppable again!! Looks awesome as always!!! we’d love to be on your alliance again this year:D :stuck_out_tongue:

those 4 long mechanisms with “velcro” …that material actually seem to look like a file card backing.

go grab a file card (available in small parts) and push it lightly into carpet (preferably dense) and see if u can move it laterally AT ALL

good stuff huh?

now think about trying to move a 130 lb robot with a square foot of that stuff on its base


Beatty, you guys look awesome. Do you have any pics with your wings out?

Also, does any one know the website address for the Motorola Midwest Regional

Anyone get some good hi-res pics of this beast in action? I realize that it’s only been practice so far, but I’m itching to see more of Beatty’s machine.

How the heck do you either lower that thing GENTLY, or resolve the tendency of the 60A breaker to trip itself if you shock it too much?

I’d think a hard tipover would be mighty rough on the robot mechanisms (and that finicky breaker).

What do you OTHER teams that use a “tipover” robot do to lower your robot gently to the ground?

  • Keith McClary, Advisor, Huron High Team 830 “Rat Pack”, Ann Arbor, MI

Notice their breakers and battery are pretty close to the ground when standing up. They also have shock absorbers up top that take the blow when they fall.

Team 267 had a stand-up-n-drop bot back in '00 that used pneumatic cylinders for shock absorbing. But they did so without putting the compressor or air tank on board; they just charged the cylinders once for the fall.


The word on Beatty is that they get the first goal in 4-5 seconds and have the second and third goals within a second of getting the first.

After that they move into a crawler mode that moves them about 10 feet per minute but is basically impossible to move them or keep them from moving (at least up to Friday night).

Spies also report that they are using file brushes (the brushes used to clean the gunk out of files when they are jammed – available from Small Parts Inc.) as the pads that contact the carpet in crawler mode.

Good luck to us all…

Joe J.

*Originally posted by kmcclary *
**I’d think a hard tipover would be mighty rough on the robot mechanisms (and that finicky breaker).

What do you OTHER teams that use a “tipover” robot do to lower your robot gently to the ground?

My Team, 122, is a tip over bot. We have a shock absorber made out of PVC and aluminum square stubing that deploys and keeps us from breaking. It is pulled in using a globe motor. To tip it, we use our ball collector that starts in teh up position and drops down to the proper height. The whole process looks very cool, IMHO. :wink:

Pictures and movies of our dropdown process (worth a look!)
High res picture of dropdown during a match at VCU

Movie of our robot falling over (yes, its sideways. We’re working on that)

~Tom Fairchild~

P.S. After making some slight changes, the whole process takes us about 5 sec. to fall over.

We are also using file cards on our robot which makes if very effective. They work very well on Beatty but the way they have them mounted only works in one direction. If you saw one of their matches at a regional last weekend, they were pulled into a home zone by another robot. The file cards are only good in one direction so if you pull them or push Beatty on their side they will be pushed very easily. But Beatty has an excellent strategy and I have heard that they are very consistent in grabbing 3 goals.

pardon the pun,
beatty has always put out an excellent bot and as i went to the grand rapids regional this past week, the onyl reason i drove 2 and a half hours was to see beatty in action. from all the uproar of beatty’s 3 goal bot and its effectvenes at motorola, i wanted to see if our bot Team 469-Las Guerrillas could find a weakness. i was sourly dissapointed when many teams with moderate pushing power were able to turn 71 in almost a 90 degree arc immobilizing them. I was told they ahd defects in their left girpper, which never grabbed once, and also their filing cards were somewhat abused and in need of changing. if someone could tell me what exactly where the reasons why they were manipulated so easily it would satisfy my curiosity greatly.

I must give Beatty credit for making such a great bot, but in the semi finals we spun them 90 degrees twice winning 2 straight.

I have heard a rumror that in the 4 days of build time you guys will attempt to make your walkers turn to prevent what happened at grand rapids. Any truth to that?

                            p.s. there may be another way to defeat beatty, but i'll leave it to the human players to comtemplate that one.

by file cards you mean like those 3x5 inch or or 4x5 or whatever note card things? I could see how that would add lots to the traction . . . . .

I think you’re talking about index cards.

Two different animals.

File cards are used to clean metal files.

As was posted above and elsewhere, “file cards” are brushes that are used to clean files. They look sort of like a grooming brush used on cats and dogs, the kind you use to attempt to get all of the excess hair off of the animal before it gets all over your house (fat chance!).

File cards are a piece of wood with lots of short wires sticking up. The wires are about .010-.020" in diameter and spaced around .040" apart. I’ll be very surprised if they aren’t banned from now on, seeing the damage that can be done to the playing surface. Either that or the surface will change to something that makes the file cards useless like a rubber mat.

They banned velcro on wheels for the same reason a few years back.

Keep asking questions, we’re here to help