Team 71 on the bar

What? Team 71 on the bar?!? Has Bill Beatty finally given in and posted preliminary pictures??

Oh… very funny :stuck_out_tongue: Leading us on like that…

lol, nice job leading us on.

I was hoping to see an actual robot though.

::shakes fist::

The robot is there.

Looks like they made a ball harvester…


If i remember correctly that machine is ‘The Beast’ from the 2000 season.

Know what really bugs me about that picture? The short sleeves and the sun.

Ha…Ha…You are absolutely righ there!
It’s is soo freezing cold in Toronto

And I for one, expected to see the robot hanging on the bar…
and you guys have done a pretty good job building the supports and the robot field…
As far as I know…our team is a little behind schedule!
Exams…Urgh!.. Anyways…

definitely too cold up here … our team is behind from exams too (exams for the next two weeks ?? and robotics ?? its crazy!!)

and this thread made me laugh !!! :smiley:

You never know… those could be robots disguised as kids.

What ?!? They have windows in their workshop ?

It might be time for a (covert operation) road trip …

To the hanger in the purple shirt:

I suggest you buy a new belt. The one you have doesn’t seem to work right.

Bill Beatty…
Builds Up
Let Down
sigh At least he wasn’t a liar.

I promise it’s just as cold there. Don’t forget they are right by Lake Michigan, and they get all the lake effect wind and snow… :frowning:

Also, I can lay claim in this picture - the rascal in the gray BSU shirt is none other than my brother Andrew. (His belt works, somewhat.)

Exactly. Andriod robots, and it looks like they have made several, so if one breaks they can quickly put another one in the next match while fixing the broken one! :smiley:


You know, you might have fooled us better if you dressed the kids up with aluminum foil and flexible dryer duct! :stuck_out_tongue: Well, there’s always next time! :smiley:

(By seeing the thread description I seriously thought our team was doing something wrong if you already designed, machined and built a robot in a week!!! :yikes: )

FYI, it’s been freezing here too. We’ve had windchills of nearly -20 degrees Farenheit lately and there’s snow. We’re wearing short sleeves because that’s what people do when they’re hard at work. Or just hanging around. :smiley: That and it gets warm in our room. And by the way Stu Bloom, it’d take a LOT of effort for you to see a Robot from the windows. They’re not easily accessible.