Team 7457 presents DARK SIDE

Hello all you super and duper robot people! After a couple of hits songs on our first record, Team 7457 is pleased to present our sophomore album: Dark Side.


Dark Side features a KOP Chassis powered by 4 NEOs geared 10.71:1. Standard KOP wheels with 6" Omnis in the back. Nothing special to see here, and that’s how we like it.

Our flywheel shooter is directly driven by 2 Falcon 500 motors. A pneumatic hood gives two options for shooting angle, wall shots and medium range shots. Intake is over the bumper with a v-indexer and a vertical storage chamber able to accommodate 5 power cells. Don’t worry about us clogging the trench lane; if you want it, it’s all yours! We feature a turret so advanced that it actually turns the entire robot around when activated (also known as no turret), BUT we do feature limelight aiming capabilities.

Climbing is powered by a single stage linear elevator, with UHMW bearing blocks contained within 2x1 aluminum tubing. It is powered by two Falcon 500s on 16:1 Falcon Sport gearboxes with an additional 52:44 external gear reduction. We have two versions of hooks, one set with both a high and low option, and another designed specifically for lifting 300lbs of robot.

We also feature a 6 ball auto and a far-side 5 ball auto routine.

Can’t wait to see everyone at Bloomington and Columbus (Indiana)!


Public CAD here. Sorry for the low quality, but the software we are using has severe limitations. Maybe next year we’ll switch to OnShape.


Thanks! We want to buy beach front property and retire in the trench :slight_smile:

Fantastic looking robot, well done on your sophomore season!


I would give you a CD dot if I could. In lieu of that take this. :green_square:


Black and gold FTW!
Can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

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Excited to see you guys this weekend, good luck out there, and Boiler Up!


Some photos from IN Blomington for TBA


One more


hey wait a minute…


7457 has the best show bumpers in the state of Indiana. Change my mind.


It doesn’t count as copying because we changed one letter… #loopholes

I can’t. It’s true!

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